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Gayle Gibson of the Royal Ontario Museum is offering a 4-week course in April on the two Intermediate Periods of Ancient Egypt entitled The Best of Times; The Worst of Times. For details, click on the Link.


We have begun a new series of articles on the archaeology of Orkney, a group of islands lying just off the northern coast of Scotland. Its insularity together with the number of prehistoric monuments, the wide range of monument type and the general use of stone in their construction make them an ideal laboratory for study. Interest in Orkney has surged dramatically since the discovery of the large Neolithic village at the Ness of Brodgar, one of the most important sites found anywhere in the world in recent years. Ongoing excavations there are rapidly changing our perceptions about how prehistoric societies functioned and has had an impact on the entire prehistory of Europe.

Stone Circles at Beaghmore, Co. Tyrone

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